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The 2022 Italian presidential election – Roundtable, 31 January 2022, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies

The Italian Presidential Election began on 24 January 2022 and is currently in process. Held every seven years, with 1009 electors, no official candidates and continuing day after day until the required majority reached, it has many of the hallmarks of a papal election rather than that of a head of state.

It is a very important democratic election, since the Italian President acts as the guarantor of national unity and can also wield significant influence over government formation and the passage of legislation. Certainly, the political parties treat it as one of the most important elections in the calendar and have spent months negotiating to see whether they can arrive at a common candidate – which they have visibly failed to do.


This roundtable, co-sponsored by the Conference Group on Italian Politics (CONGRIPS), the Società Italiana di Scienza Politica (ISP) and the ECPR’s social science blog LOOP brings together four experts of Italian and international politics who will assess the significance of this election and (hopefully) its outcome.


Please register for this online webinar for an exciting and lively discussion.