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Committee on Political Sociology- Call for Paper Conference 2020 Department of Political Sciences, Sapienza University Rome, Italy | October 15 th -16 th 2020

The CPS conference aims to explore the new internal and external challenges to political parties in order to account for their multifaceted transformations and comparatively examine the different expressions of the decline of their influence. The conference will welcome papers within the scope of the following topics:

1. The definition of political parties. Relations between institutional contexts, geographical patterns and the evolution of party organizations.
2. The evolution of party membership and partisanship. This question invites to explore the relations between party members who hold different positions within the organization (party leaders vs. members) and their challenges on internal governance.
3. The evolution of the electoral performances of parties of the radical right and radical left (voters’ behavior, electoral geography, leadership).
4. The extent of the “newness” of the political parties that have emerged in different contexts. This question implies to take into account the relation between “new” and “traditional” forms of party organization, focusing on some of its new features (e.g. use of internet and social networks) and the question of party resilience.
5. The extent to which the personalization of politics has an impact on the inclusiveness and representativeness of political parties.
6. The interplay between national and subnational politics in terms of the success of radical political parties, the participatory dimension of democracy, the personalization of politics, and other key dimensions to this call for papers.

Submission deadline (abstracts): 15 May
Notification of acceptance: 3 June
Submission deadline (full papers): 9 September

Abstracts should be sent to: Gianluca Passarelli ( or Stéphanie Alenda ( and should not exceed 300 words. They should include:
• Title of the paper.
• Name, affiliation, and address of all authors. The presenting author (please underline her/his name) should be the person submitting the abstract.
• Name of one the topics (highlighted in bold) in which the paper should be presented.

Download the full Call for Papers here