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NASP International Workshop on Conflicts and Institutions, 21 June 2017 University of Genoa

The University of Genoa organized last year the conference “Conflicts & Institutions: Research, Projects and Workshops” (Genoa, 16-17 June 2016). In continuity with that event, and within the NASP framework, we have invited leading scholars in conflicts studies, democratization, peacebuilding and international security. The main goal is still to specify the links and the connections between the ongoing crisis and the current conflicts to examine the relation between institutions and conflicts. At the same time, the Project “Conflicts & Institutions” aims at creating a network of scholars able to elaborate common research projects and proposals.

Within the one-day event of lectures and seminars there will be a workshop specifically devoted to young researchers of the NASP Young Investigator Training Program in Political Studies, supported by ACRI.

Among the speakers Stathis Kalyvas (Yale University) and Sabine Carey (University of Mannheim)

The preliminary programme and additional information are available at this link

Time and Place: June 21, 2017 –  Aula Mazzini – University of Genoa (Via Balbi, 5 – Genoa).