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ECPR Capital Lecture Series

ECPR Capital Lecture Series
Religion, Democracy and Civil Liberties
School of Government, Luiss Guido Carli University
21 January 2011 (10:00-13:00)

This year’s ECPR Capital Lecture Series is held in Rome on 21 January 2011. This event is co-sponsored by the Italian Political Science Association (SISP), the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, and the host institution, Luiss School of Government. This event is free to all participants wishing to attend. This edition of the Capital Lecture Series (CLS) addresses a theme of great current political interest, that of the development of democracy and civil rights in different religious contexts. The impact of religion on democracy and civil rights is a crucial issue in the political life of the contemporary world. Although scholars disagree about the nature and the scope of this influence, there is widespread concern about the possible role of the religious factor in facilitating authoritarian regimes, intercommunal clashes, and transnational extremist networks. In today’s Europe, such phenomena represent a two-faced challenge: for the religious communities that must effectively integrate in democratic institutions, and for the policy-makers who must find new policies and forms of cooperation to cope with previously unknown threats and issues.

Scientific Coordinator: Dr. Luca Ozzano, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Torino.

Welcome Remarks from Professor Sergio Fabbrini, Director, LUISS School of Government and Professor Luciano Bardi, Chair – ECPR.


Professor Jeffrey Haynes – London Metropolitan University
“Theoretical Perspectives on the Relation between Religion, Democracy and Civil Liberties”

Professor Pasquale Ferrara – Head, Policy Planning Unit, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
“Religion and Democracy: International, Transnational and Global Issues”

Professor Tariq Ramadan – University of Oxford, St Antony’s College
“Muslims and Democracy in Europe”

Professor Joseph Maïla – Head of the Policy Planning Directorate, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
“The Challenge of Policy-Making in Multi-Religious Societies”

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