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Concorso di ammissione PhD in “Politica, politiche pubbliche e globalizzazione”

The Department of Political Sciences of the University of Perugia offers a number of PhD programmes and curricula to Italian and foreign students. Candidates can apply within the terms established by the fellowship competition announcement for each PhD cycle (

For further information about the Department’s PhD programmes contact Prof. Marco Mazzoni (

The PhD program in “Politics, Public Policies and Globalization” deals with the main themes of contemporary democracy, from a range of interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives, including the historical, the sociological, the legal, the political, and the communicative. The program explores three specific areas, corresponding to three different curricula.

The curriculum “Transformations of Democracy” aims to investigate the democratic model in light of its main transformations, involving changes in the forms of representation; the extension of suffrage; electoral systems; the relationship between the elites and the masses; the role of political parties; the role of the mass media, and especially of the new media, in the construction of consensus and of an informed public opinion.

The curriculum “Democracy and New Welfare” focuses on the links between democracy and welfare, looking in particular at the transformations which have taken place in the last century, and exploring a number of research topics, including institutional and legal frameworks, forms and structures of welfare, the evolution of civil rights, etc.

The curriculum “Democracy and Globalization” addresses issues such as the history and current dynamics of inter states relations; the philosophical and political assumptions underpinning those relations; attempts to implement a single international policy as to multilateral diplomacy and international relations; North-South relations and development cooperation; the role of culture, consensus and multilingualism in multiethnic societies and international relations.

The PhD program involves both institutional training and individual research.

The Director of the program is Prof. Paolo Mancini.