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Call for Papers International Research Workshop “Engaged or Enraged Citizens? Political Participation in Post-Communist Europe” 17-18 October 2018, Södertörn University, Stockholm

The modes of political participation have gradually expanded in post-communist Europe. In addition to the traditional political engagement through voting, citizens get actively involved in social movements, protests, referendums or political deliberation. These new forms of participation have been extensively documented in the literature especially in terms of development (how and where they take place), functioning and general importance for state and societies. However, much little attention has been paid to citizens’ involvement, the reasons for which they get involved and with what consequences they get involved. This workshop aims to fill this research gap and seeks to answer several important questions: Who participates? What determines people to participate (in one or various modes of participation)? What consequences do these modes of participation have for individuals and society at large?

To answer these questions and to better understand the development of political participation in post-communist Europe, this workshop aims to bring together researchers addressing any of these questions. We encourage both single-case studies and comparative papers. We are open to any methodological approach, without preference given for qualitative or quantitative methods. The workshop will provide the space for an academic debate in which scholars can present their most recent findings.

The workshop will be organized for two days (17 and 18 October) and will provide the space for an academic debate in which 20 scholars can present the most recent findings of their research. The workshop seeks to attract a mix of established scholars, early-career researchers and PhD students. To increase the exchange of ideas, each presenter will serve as discussant for another paper. Each presenter will be allocated 45 minutes: 15 minutes to present the paper, 10 minutes for the discussant and 20 minutes for general discussion.

Planned outcomes and costs:
Depending on the homogeneity of the papers, the organizers plan a special issue in a peer-reviewed journal or an edited book with an important publisher.

There is no participation fee. The organizers will cover the accommodation costs and meals for all participants. For co-authored papers the organizers can cover the costs for a single author. Accommodation will be paid for three nights (16-18 October) and the participants will cover any supplementary nights. Participants should cover their own travel costs.

Application procedure:
Authors should fill in the application form (available at and submit it to until 7 September 2019 (applications received after deadline will not be reviewed). The organizers will inform the participants about the outcome of the selection process by 10 September.