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Call for a Temporary Chair – Collegio Carlo Alberto

The Collegio is seeking applications for a full time chair position in the area of Political Science or Sociology for a fixed period of two years with a possibility for extension for another fixed term.  Candidates may be either senior or advanced junior scholars with an internationally recognized academic reputation. The Chairs are expected to play leading roles in the Collegio’s development by actively enhancing its academic quality, as well as acting as a catalyst for their fields of research within the Collegio’s community.

In particular, candidates should have policy-oriented interests and publications, fitting with the Collegio’s main research subjects: comparative welfare states, family changes and family policies, migration, labour market changes. Candidates should also be capable of interdisciplinary collaboration and lead the social science environment at the Collegio.  The teaching load is 90 hours per year, which can be carried out both at the Collegio (MA Program in Public Policy) and/or the University of Torino. Other responsibilities include promotion of collaborative research projects, conferences and seminars.  The salary is competitive and will be negotiated on the basis of the career stage.  In addition to the salary, the Collegio will provide adequate research support, private health insurance and moving expenses.  The deadline for application is March 31, 2014.  Please send your CV along with a cover letter to