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8th Pan-European Conference on International Relations

8th Pan-European Conference on International Relations

Wednesday 18 – Saturday 21 September 2013, Warsaw, Poland

Organised by the Standing Group on International Relations in cooperation with the Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw and the Polish Association for International Studies

Call for Paper and Panel Proposals

The conference consists of almost 50 sections on a wide range of topics; each section will comprise of either 5 or 10 panels. The sections are:

– Asian International Studies in Multiple Worlds

– Crises: The Post-Soviet Area

– Crises – Whose Crises? Autocratic Regimes and the (re-)construction of the ‘World in Crisis’

– Crisis for Whom? Crisis of What? Crisis in Where? Ideas, Narrations and Discourses of “Crises”, “Pre-Crises”, and “Post-Crises”

– Critical Military Studies

– Critical Relations of International Relations and Islam

– Culture(s) in International Relations: Cultural Turn and Cultural Trap

– Democratizing World Society: Post-national Perspectives and Opposing Views

– Diplomatic Practice in a Crisis World

– English School

– European Foreign Policy

– EU as an International Security Provider: Theoretical, Empirical and Methodological Perspectives on actors, processes, outcomes, and impact

– EU External Action: Intersections with IR

– EU’s International Role in Times of Crisis

– EU’s Partnerships: Looking Backwards and Forward to Think Again

– European Studies After the Crisis: On the Outside Looking In

– Feminist Global Political Economy

– Global Affairs: Challenges to European Foreign Policy

– Global Biopolitics: History, Theory, Cases

– International Mass Media in (about) Crisis

– International Organizations in Times of Crisis

– Harnessing Globalization

– Historical International Relations

– Inequalities and Global Institutional Order

– International Futures

– Political Parties and Foreign Policy

– Precarity and the International

– Regional Integration and Crises – Regional Integration in Crisis? The Impact of Crises on Regional Integration in and outside of Europe

– Research Frontiers in the Study of International Governance

– Resilience: International Policies, Practices and Discourses

– Revisiting the European Security Strategy (ESS): Ten Years After

– Securitisation and Politicisation: Invocations of Crisis and Emergency

– Securitization Theory: A New Framework for Analysis

– Security Studies – Bridging Conflict Studies: How Civil and International Conflict Affect and Inform Each Other

– Science and Technology Studies (STS) meets International Relations (IR)

– Starting Spaces: Conceptual and Empirical challenges to International Relations

– State Identity Policies in Post-Crisis Period: Theories and Cases

– Studying World Heterogeneity as a Source of Multiple Crises and Multiple Approaches for IR

– The Arctic of Regions or Globalization – Arctic’s International Relations

– The Financial Crisis and the Eurozone: International Political Economy in Question

– The Politics of Foreign Aid

– Understanding Cooperation in Peace Processes: Diversity of Actors, Unity of Action?

– Understanding the Euro Crisis

– Understanding the Multiple Crisis – Contributions from Global Political Ecology

– Supporting Professional Development of IR Scholars

– Cooperating Associations

For more information on these sections and their convenors see Please contact the section convenors on any question regarding their section. There will be no Open Section – all paper and panel proposals must fit into the sections listed.

All sections welcome individual paper proposals, most welcome complete panel proposals as well. Each 105-minute panel should comprise four to five papers plus discussant and chair. Proposals must be submitted via our online submission system at

For more information on the conference, please go to or email

The closing date for paper and panel proposals is MIDNIGHT (CET) ON SUNDAY 24 FEBRUARY 2013.