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SISP Prizes

Regulations for the awarding of SISP prizes

SISP awards the following prizes for works of significant scientific value:

“Carlo Maria Santoro” Annual Prize for the best paper presented at the previous year’s SISP Conference by at least one SISP member, without age or career level limitations for the author(s);

“Elinor Ostrom” Annual Prize for the best paper presented at the previous year’s SISP Conference by scholars enrolled in a doctoral programme or who have obtained their Ph.D. no more than 7 years before the date of the Conference.

“Pietro Grilli di Cortona” Biennial Prize for the best book published by at least one SISP member;

“L. Bobbio” Biennial Prize for the best paper based on original field research presented at the SISP Conferences of the two preceding years by at least one SISP member.

On the SISP’s President proposal, the Steering Committee appoints, for each Prize, an Evaluation Committee. The Evaluation Committee is composed of a number of members varying from 3 to 5.

The members of the Evaluation Committee must belong to the disciplinary scientific sector SPS / 04 “Political Science” if based in an Italian university, or recognized as political scientists if they belong to a foreign university. They must be over forty years old.

It is the task of the Evaluation Committee to examine the works received and to transmit to the SISP Steering Committee (by June 30) a reasoned opinion on the work which is considered the most deserving of the prize.

The Evaluation Committee may, at its discretion, propose the assignment of the ex-aequo Prize for two works or propose not to award the Prize for the current year, if the works examined do not meet the requirements in terms of quality or for any other reasons.

The Steering Committee can adopt the judgment of the Evaluation Committee or modify it in its entirety or in part.

The winner will be contacted by the SISP Secretariat.

The name of the winner and the judgment of the Steering Committee are publicly disclosed at the annual SISP Assembly, when the Prize is also awarded.

Participation in the prize implies full acceptance and total compliance by the participants with this Regulation as well as with the unquestionable judgment of the Evaluation Committee and of the Steering Committee.

In the event that technical or organizational reasons prevent, in whole or in part, the prize from taking place in the manner and within the terms provided for in this Regulation, the SISP Steering Committee will adopt the appropriate measures by communicating them through the official site of the Association.

Any requests for clarification or further information must be addressed to the SISP Secretariat via email at