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Conference 2024

12-14 September 2024


The Sections group panels by thematic affinity. Each section is organized by two coordinators who receive proposals for panels and papers. The list of sections is identified by the SISP Steering Committee.

In each section, there can be only one round table. This format includes a chair and 3 or 4 attendees. It is the chairman’s obligation to agree on the topic of the speech with each participant and distribute the time by reserving 30 minutes for discussion open to the audience.It is also noted that for the organization of any round table, it will be necessary to ensure equal gender representation.

  • Each panel must contain at least 3 papers and, in any case, no more than 4 papers;

  •  Exceptionally, 1 or 2 extra papers may be accepted as “tabled papers”, that is, papers that will NOT be orally presented in a panel due to time constraints but that will be shared with other attendees and commented in the final Q&A session of the panel. Of course, tabled papers
    may be “promoted” to standard papers and orally presented if one or more of the accepted papers will be withdrawn between the acceptance date and the conference date. If the panel chair(s) decide(s) to admit 1 or 2 tabled papers, the authors will be informed about their paper’s status.

  • As a result of the large number of paper proposals submitted, only panels that have received 9 or more paper proposals can be exceptionally duplicated in two sessions of 4 papers each, plus 1 or 2 tabled papers per session.

  • If the panel chairs think that a paper is worth presenting but there are not available slots for it,  they may contact the section chairs to consider its allocation to another panel. Section chairs will evaluate this request in coordination with the conference organisers.

  • It is not possible to propose the same abstract and paper to more than one panel 

A speaker can present a maximum of 2 papers, but not in the same panel;

A conference participant can at most be:

  • the chair or the discussant in 3 panels
  • the chair or the discussant in a panel and present 2 papers
  • the chair or the discussant in two panels and present 1 paper

Each panel can have only one discussant;

Papers must “exist” and be available in written and / or electronic form at least 10 days before the Conference;

Each presentation must last no more than 15 minutes;

Each discussant should be allowed 20 minutes and the replies of the speakers should be contained in 5 minutes;

All panels must start on time;

The coordinator concludes the panel’s work and closes the panel 5 minutes before the start of the next session;

Panel Chairs must ensure that all participants receive the papers at least ten days before the meeting. Furthermore, they must immediately inform the Section Coordinator and the SISP Secretariat of any changes that occur in the structure of the panel or round table.

It is also noted that the process of selecting the proposed panels, as well as the organization of any round tables, will be autonomously and freely managed by the Section Chairs. However, it will be necessary to ensure equal gender representation and generational dialogue during the section works.