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Free online access to RISP/IPSR for SISP Members

SISP Members who pay the annual registration fee are entitled to a CUP CODE (a text string and three numbers, eg: SISP999) which allows them to access the online archive of the Italian Political Science Review (RISP/IPSR) by activating an account on the Cambridge University Press (CUP) website.

The code is assigned to SISP new Members after the payment of the first registration fee. Those who do not remember their CUP code can request it to the SISP Secretariat via email.

Every year, on March 31st, the account of the Members who have not renewed the payment of the annual membership is suspended and is reactivated after the payment of the membership fee. The Secretariat periodically communicates to CUP the accounts to be reactivated. 

Note: Paying the registration fee does not automatically imply the right to receive printed copies of the RISP/IPSR. In order to receive the RISP/IPSR in paper format it is necessary to pay an additional fee (see the page ‘Registration‘). 

Online access: how to activate a new account or re-activate an existing one