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Biennal Prize Pietro Grilli di Cortona

Nomination Procedure

The biennial award “P. Grilli di Cortona” for the best book is reserved to members aged between 18 and 39 at the time of publication of the book. You can compete for the awarding of the prize by sending three hard copies of your work to the SISP Secretariat, if and only if published during the year of the Prize or in the immediately preceding one, together with a copy of your valid Identity Document. In the case of the 2021 edition, members who have published their work in 2020 or 2021 can participate.

Together with 3 hard copies of the work, the author must send a copy of his / her valid Identity Document to the Secretariat.

The “P. Grilli di Cortona” for the best book published by a member under the age of forty is € 2,000.00.

Are excluded from participation for the award of the “P. Grilli di Cortona” those who, at the time of publication of the work, were not members of SISP. In the event that the candidate had submitted an application for association with SISP and it had been positively evaluated by the Steering Committee but not yet ratified by the general assembly, the application for participation is considered admissible.

Proposals for the awarding of the Prize must be sent to the Secretariat of the Italian Society of Political Science no later than 31 December of the year in which the Prize is announced.