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Prize Carlo Maria Santoro

Awarding of prizes

The Prize “Carlo Maria Santoro” is awarded to the best paper presented by a SISP member during the SISP Conference of the previous year.


  • edition 2023: Andrea Vaccaro and Angelo Vito Panaro, Social Policy under Authoritarian Rule: The Key Role of State Capacity for Fairer Health and Education Outcomes.
  • edition 2022: Leonardo Puleo and Gianluca Piccolino, The Curious Case of Brothers of Italy: Rebranding from the Old Post-Fascist Right to the New Sovereigntist Right.
  • edition 2021: not awarded.
  • edition 2020: Selena Grimaldi, Aldo Paparo and Silvia Bolgherini, Assessing Voting Multi-Level Congruence in Italy and Spain.
  • edition 2019: Enrico Borghetto, The issue strategies of niche parties between elections: an analysis of question time in six countries.
  • edition 2018: Chiara Fiorelli, Private Political Money and Political Parties in Italy: the changing connecting capability of political actors in the last 30 years.
  • edition 2017Andrea Cassani and Luca Tomini, The other way round. Conceptual challenges in the shift from democratization to autocratization studies.
  • edition 2016: Vincenzo Emanuele, Bruno MarinoFrom a party system to a ‘candidate system’? Patterns of preferential voting in Southern Italy”.
  • edition 2015: prize not awarded.
  • edition 2014: prize not awarded.
  • edition 2013: Federica Genovese, “Forecast of a hot future: Predicting decision–making at the climate negotiations“.
  • edition 2012: Augusto Valeriani, “Bridges of the Revolution. Linking people, sharing informations and remixing practices