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SISP Conference 2021

SISP2021 Online Conference detailed Program

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Wednesday 8th September 2021


  • Pre-conference SISP: The Media for Democracy Monitor back to SISP: Highlights from the 2021 edition and future developments

    The Media for Democracy Monitor is a transnational project aimed at gathering and comparing

    empirical evidence on the extent to which leading news media in contemporary democracies

    contribute to the core values of freedom, equality and control.

    The third edition of the MDM has been carried out between 2019 and 2021, and produced new

    knowledge and understanding of media democratic performance facing challenges of economic and

    digital transformation, as well as the covid19 pandemic crisis.

    The final country Reports are now available (on the project website and published by Nordicom open

    access) and allows comparatively analyzing and assessing strengths and weaknesses of media

    landscapes in eighteen consolidated democracies, with regard to a set of thirty indicators. Also, a

    collective volume is being published where a number of critical issues and trends are discussed by

    comparing the data and narratives from the participating countries.

    Italy participated in the MDM 2020 thanks to the contribution of fourteen Italian researchers, from

    different universities, who initially met at the SISP 2019 Congress in Lecce to learn about the project,

    its methodology and expected outcomes; and then worked with enthusiasm on the project, the Report

    and in disseminating its results.

    This event is an opportunity to gather at the SISP Congress, two years after, to discuss the main

    findings of the MDM 2020 with the project coordinator, authors of the Italian Report, guest speakers

    from different MDM countries, and expert discussants.


    Main findings from MDM 2020

    Josef Trappel (University of Salzburg)

    Christian Ruggiero (University of Roma La Sapienza)


    On misinformation

    Jón Gunnar Ólafsson (University of Iceland) with Alice Fubini (University of Torino)

    Discussant: Lubos Kuklis (ERGA and Council for Broadcasting and Retransmission of Slovakia)


    On gender inequalities

    Achilleas Karadimitriou (University of Athens) with Marinella Belluati (University of Torino)

    Discussant: Karen Ross (University of Newcastle)


    On safety and security of journalists

    Janet Lo (Hong Kong Baptist University) with Alice Baroni (University of Padova)

    Discussant: Ernest Sagaga (International Federation of Journalists)


    Concluding remarks

    Giovanni Zagni (PagellaPolitica)

    Claudia Padovani (University of Padova)


    link to register for the event:

    event held in English and approved by the Italian OdG as a professional training activity

    CHAIR Claudia Padovani

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