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NATO ACT-Unibo Summer Workshop and Nato Model Event 2016

The Department of Political Sciences, School of Political Sciences University of Bologna is pleased to announce the forthcoming “NATO and Security Challenges Institutions and Policies, Key Trends and Best Practices.

 When? June 27-July 1 2016

Where? Università di Bologna, Scuola di Scienze Politiche, Forlì, Italy

What/Who? The NATO-Unibo Summer Workshop and Nato Model Event 2016 offer highly performing and motivated IR graduate students a unique opportunity to study and enact the politics and practice of NATO, the challenges and opportunities that it faces in the evolving context of global security, particularly but not solely through the management of multilateral crises through the NAC (North Atlantic Council).

Co-sponsored by The NATO Allied Command Transformation (ACT) and the University of Bologna (Scuola di Scienze Politiche – Vicepresidenza di Forlì, Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche e Sociali) the 5-day Academic Program is designed to provide participants with selected analytical tools to take an informed, expert-led journey into NATO’s internal dynamics, evolving policies and relations. Hosted in Forlì, from June 27 through July 1 2016, by the Forlì VP at the Palazzo Morgagni venue and the Fondazione Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì, in the prestigious Sala del Consiglio, the NATO-Unibo Summer Workshop and Nato Model Event 2016 is a one-of-a kind opportunity to gain targeted skills and yearly up-to-date knowledge to discuss-reflect on NATO’s preparedness to face current and future challenges in an evolving global environment, across regions and policies, from social-scientific (institutional) and policy-oriented (pragmatic) angles. Additionally, the NATO-Unibo Summer Workshop will provide basic negotiation skills on core NATO issues, including strategic decision making under multiple constraints to be applied in the NATO Model Event.

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