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European Consortium of Political Research, General Conference, 31 August – 2 September. Section: A DECADE OF CRISIS AND RESILIENCE IN SOUTHERN EUROPE, Organised by the ECPR Standing Group on Southern European Politics

Call for papers and panels

Crisis seems to have become a way of life in Southern Europe. In states which have traditionally been regarded as weak, the major public health and economic crises generated by the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 are severely testing their administrative and policy capacity, affecting their societal cohesion, and providing a new source of political division. Already visible is the developing climate crisis, which is expected to strike Southern Europe particularly hard. These challenges follow a decade in which the South European members of the EU repeatedly found themselves in a crisis frontline, facing eurozone turmoil, externally-mandated austerity, large-scale migrant arrivals and all the resulting political fallout including electoral shocks, party system fragmentation and the rise of political extremism. Meanwhile for Turkey, the last decade marked a tumultuous period of democratic backsliding including an attempted coup and regime change.
This Section aims to explore how the new generation of multiple and multi-facetted crises is playing out in an already sorely tested region. It seeks to understand their form, depth and consequences, how these may differ from previous crisis rounds and how the latter’s cumulative effects may be shaping the current impact on Southern Europe and its ability to respond. Of particular interest are patterns of resilience and the ways in which states and societies have adjusted and innovated in the face of difficult situations.

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Deadline: 10 February