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Call for Papers GIG-ARTS 2019 – The Third European Multidisciplinary Conference on Global Internet Governance. Europe as a Global Player in Internet Governance, 16-17 May 2019, Salerno

The 2019 GIG-ARTS conference will explore the role of Europe in the global governance of the internet. In particular, the conference will focus on challenges and opportunities, as well as strengths and weaknesses, of European approaches to internet governance and policy-making. In addition to general internet Governance issues and topics, submissions are particularly welcome on the following themes:

-European institutions and Member States in internet governance.
-The European approach to the multistakeholder governance model.
-The role of the European External Action Service in the Global Internet Governance ecosystem;
-Internet governance in the European Neighbourhood Policy.
-The EU cybersecurity policy.
-Extraterritorial effects of European internet policies.
-Internet-related geopolitical challenges for Europe.
-The EU and internet-related policy transfer.
-EU internet policies in a comparative perspective.
-Human rights, democracy and the rule of law in European internet policy and instruments.
-Privacy and data protection after the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
-Global online platforms and EU general policies (labour, taxation, transport,..).
-EU strategies and policies on new technologies (AI, robots, blockchains,..).
-European good governance values and internet governance;
-The Digital Single Market and international trade;
-The EU and the management of critical internet resources.
-Populist movements and the European internet policy-making.
-EU values, European internet companies, and internet design.

Authors are invited to submit their extended abstracts (no longer than 500 words), describing their research question(s), theoretical framework, approach and methodology, expected findings or empirical outcome. Submitted abstracts will be evaluated through a peer-review process.
Deadline for abstract submissions: 29 October 2018
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